Impact of Technology Development

Impact of Technology Development on Market


Wherever you turn nowadays, there’s discussion of automation taking the place of people. Technology is without a doubt progressing at a fast rate, and in the present click-driven media environment, sentimentality sells, yet on the grounds that tech can replace a human worker doesn’t mean we’re continually going to need that. In a few cases, […]

How to Improve SEO Ranking


Get Top Search Ranking Increase Your Ranking When we optimize your site, we’ll do our very most to make sure it can climb the ranking on every major search engines. We always use safe, proven SEO techniques to achieve this goal. Website Submission We’ll submit your site manually to top search engines and directories online […]

Emergency Phone Numbers


Fire – 101 Ambulance – 102 EMRI – 108 Traffic Helpline – 1073, 9010203626 Crime Stopper – 1090 Child Line -1098 Water Supply Complaints – 23393113 Tourist Information: – 1363 Electricity (APSEB) – 1912 Police exchange – 23230191 Police Control Room – 23232222 GOVT. HOSPITALS Asian institute of Gastroenterology – 23378888 Cancer Hospital – 23318422 […]

Futuristic Social Media Marketing Trends To Tap In 2018 to Make Your Business Sizzle

Business Social Media

At present Social Media marketing ruling the business websites and it is  is changing its trends regularly based on fashion advertising and marketing crazes which have been identified to eat marketers and establishments. If you started by implementing the social media marketing activities which provides you a better performance when compare to the previous of […]

Latest Top 10 Budget Android Smartphone 2018

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Latest Android Smartphone plays a crucial role in every individual’s life as they ease our everyday routine work. Especially, Android Smartphone plays a very important role as they can turn anybody as its enthusiast through its startling design, advanced innovative features and incredible performance. 1 OnePlus 2 Key Specifications Display             […]

How To Install WeChat For Windows 8/8.1/7 PC/Laptop

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You can identify and Blue Stacks quick launch icon on the desktop after mop up with the installation. Foremost, open Blue Stacks and at the top right bend you will stumble on “search” bar, their search for “WeChat”. After that WeChat will appear, install it by just click it. See the images below, you will […]

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Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2018


10 Waterlife:  Waterlife  is a documentary film website  of having a great and wonderful video preview and made this website in a rich and cinematography way that present as a story telling. This website recalls the gentle motion of a lake.  9 Monoface:  Monoface website was developed by Mono a advertising agency with a motto […]

Is NO SQL Disrupting the Database Industry?

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Abstract: Relative info’s have dominated the database business for the last forty years. within the new era of massive information, Big Users, Cloud Computing, and SaaS but, NoSQL advocates claim that NoSQL’s knowledge model flexibility, performance, and horizontal quantifiability create them higher suited to the requirements of today’s applications. can NoSQL finish relative technology’s forty-year […]