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Natural Energy Therapies:

You deserve better growth, can control of your emotions and thoughts, as well as you feel healthy with our energy therapies as routine maintenance services. Balance your physical energy, clear emotional discomforts and clean psychological blocks right after first session till next.                                                                

Effective practices at Prana Harmony of Pranic Healing arts, Reiki Master teacher Energy, Crystal Healing, Psychic self defense, Distance healing, Private Consulting are evolving and blissful and results oriented on physical plane.

What is Pranic Healing!

Prana Practices, simply as an “Energy” to facilitative the harmonizing or “Healing” of one’s physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies without touching the physical body of the client.

This energy body absorb life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body. Physical ailments first appear as energetic blockages in the aura before manifest as problem in the physical body.

Energy as well as Prana may be used to rebalance, align, and destabilize the flow of Energy within the human body. It is the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing (Healing) living entity.

Positive effects of Pranic Healing have been covered by various Business journals.


Reiki Master Services:

Reiki is actually “spiritually” guided life force energy”. Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress, promoting healing, and recreation. It is referred to as palm healing or hands on healing and is base on idea which an unseen “life force energy” flows through us. If our “life force energy” is low, we are more likely to get not a hundred percent or feel stress.

Reiki is a simple, natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. Reiki balances the human energy field and assists in aligning your chakras. The Reiki practitioner assists clients to heal themselves spiritually, mentally, psychologically and physically. Reiki practitioner channels the Universal Life force energy allows it to flow where we needed to bring the energy centers into alignment.

Energy healing therapies:

You deserve better growth. Gain control over emotions, thoughts and feel physically healthy with our energy therapies.

Your personal routine maintenance services to stay in check with physical pain management, emotional discomfort and clear psychological state during your transitional time.

Well received natural healing therapies at Prana Harmony of Pranic healing Arts, Reiki Master Teacher Energy, Crystal Healing, Psychic Self Defense, and Distance healing and consulting are effective and embraced by our beloved patrons, guiders and masters across the globe.

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