Best Free Files Hosting Websites

Best Free Files Hosting Websites


Best Free Files Hosting Websites

We need to host some records or pc documents on the cloud for personal use or to share it with others. Website hosting our documents on the cloud makes it possible for us to share them swiftly with anybody utilizing the file sharing link. This additionally removed the need of having a storage device on the go. Which you could host your files in the cloud and download them in step with your need utilizing the great free records hosting internet sites.

1. Rapid Share (service Closed)

The primary websites on our record are rapid Share.  Rapid share is Switzerland-headquartered free file internet hosting and sharing the website with as much as 10 GB of free area with an ordinary account. For more than 10 GB storage, you need to purchase a top rate account.

Rapid Share, best Rapid Share

Elements of speedy Share

  • up to 10 GB of Free Storage (Free average Account)
  • Max File measurement 300MB restrict
  • easy to upload and download
  • Can share documents by way of links

2. MediaFire

MediaFire is equal as rapid Share and likewise presents the equal cupboard space of 10 GB to host your records without cost. Speedy share also has professional and industry money owed if you need more storage space. The working of this file internet hosting is much like another service. You create a free account and begin uploading your records.

mediafire, best mediafire

Aspects of MediaFire

  • up to 10GB of Free Storage
  • supports download Resume
  • unlimited Bandwidth
  • Share records via hyperlinks

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a different fashionable file-sharing website online with 1000’s of active customers. This website is relatively popular amongst Android customers. With Dropbox, you’ll get 2GB of free storage, but you could get extra space with pro and industry accounts.

Dropbox, best Dropbox

Facets of Dropbox

  • 2GB of Free Storage
  • File dimension restrict unlimited
  • top class money owed
  • trustworthy and relaxed

4. Box

The box is a different quality file web hosting and sharing service that allows for you to upload as much as 10GB of free space, but the file size restrict is 250MB each and every. Which you can develop the restrict dimension with a premium plan. It is also one of the vital preferred file sharing provider on the internet.

Box, top Box, best Box

Aspects of box

  • as much as 10GB of Free Storage
  • File dimension restrict of 250 MB each and every
  • secure advert-hoc sharing
  • Paid top class account