How Verita Adds Value through Internal Audit Solutions

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Internal Audit Solutions

For evaluation of risk management as well as corporate governance internal Audit is a important tool for every business organization. In general, effective means of internal audit is evaluation for efficacy of operations, reliability of financial reporting, compliance with corporate as well as statutory regulations, safeguarding of assets as well as various matters which directly concerning interest of company, employees, stakeholders with society in general sense.

At the time of changeability for account of business dynamics, latest failures with an increase in stake holders accountability, a vital role been played by internal audit to management with clear, simple & unbiased analytics of functional efficiency for the organization with an suggestion for possible improvement in various areas.

We, at Verita, strongly believe in deliverance of services related to internal audit & Risk Management at highest level with professional competency and integrity to clients for long term satisfaction. Verita is with an team of highly dedicated trained professionals who actively engaged in renders of internal audit & risk management services to various corporate with different verticals such as ..

Internal/ Management Audits

Enterprise Risk Management

Techno Commercial and Concurrent Review

Due Diligence Review

Information System Review

Compliance review

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