Is NO SQL Disrupting the Database Industry?

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Relative info’s have dominated the database business for the last forty years. within the new era of massive information, Big Users, Cloud Computing, and SaaS but, NoSQL advocates claim that NoSQL’s knowledge model flexibility, performance, and horizontal quantifiability create them higher suited to the requirements of today’s applications. can NoSQL finish relative technology’s forty-year reign? hear one among the leaders of the NoSQL business observe why NoSQL has been thus produced, United Nations agency is exploitation it these days, and what the longer term of NoSQL is.

NoSQL Adoption – What’s subsequent Step?

Today, several firms square measure already employing a NoSQL answer to handle a bit of information. what’s consecutive step? most likely the adoption of NoSQL as a complete replacement of relative software system. to achieve this Goal, NoSQL solutions ought to support multiple models and options, that square measure already accessible in a relative software system. The challenge has started.

Scalable NoSQL – Past, gift, and Future

Over the past 5 years, there has been an associate explosion of latest NoSQL information technologies whose primary innovation has been the power to interrupt capability barriers by harnessing the collective power and resource of huge clusters of server category PCs. during this oratory, Doug Judd, the first creator of Hypertable, can gift a past, present, and future inspect.

If you wish to understand regarding the principles and pitfalls of building distributed systems, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} either create your an entire through a full pile of pretty prosaic theoretical books otherwise you can simply come back to the current speak and perceive a number of them real quick by observance slightly mocking demonstration. It‘s your selection.

NoSQL. A Technology for Real-Time Enterprise Applications?         

The session focuses on the evolving worth proposition NoSQL-database sorts like key-value, document, and graph, object stores have and therefore the influence of enterprise application architectures and necessities. The session addresses project managers, software package architects and info developers.

Talk 1: persuade your boss: opt for the “right” info

Several hundred databases, an enormous quantity of persistence necessities and sound unit buzzwords dizzying around United States of America. Welcome with in the age of polyglot persistence. This speak can show ‘real’ info trade-offs and well-grounded NoSQL arguments. thus we have a tendency to gift analysis for the associate skilled system to suggest the simplest appropriate info. we’ll show classes and inquiries to be asked in explore for the reality. what is more, we have a tendency to gift typical experiences from NoSQL-Consulting in the Federal Republic of Germany wherever firms try and reinvent their persistence layer.

Talk 2: NewSQL! NoSQL vulnerable

One of the largest credits NoSQL deserves is to unveil the weaknesses of classical info systems. however it’s just like the classic relative world has listened to those hints: currently, they promise to supply quantifiability with full transactional support whereas holding the acquainted relative model with SQL access. This new cluster of systems is currently mentioned as “NewSQL” and ends up in a fruitful competition between the 2 worlds. This speak summarizes the most recent of NoSQL and shows systems that lead the NewSQL area.

NewSQL for brand spanking new for brand new time period Applications

New time period applications need databases that may method larger volumes of transactions than what’s doable with current market-leading relative databases. And whereas newer NoSQL databases square measure able to scale out so they will handle extraordinarily giant volumes of information, they can not guarantee consistency. whereas this can be acceptable for a few sorts of knowledge like social network bulletin boards, it doesn’t work for many business essential knowledge like stock quantities or cash. however what if there was a cheerful medium? A info that would method numerous transactions on one machine, whereas maintaining the consistency that these business essential applications require? There is! during this presentation, Peter can describe a unique reasonably a NewSQL information, which can method ample ACID-compliant transactions whereas scaling in on one machine to completely guarantee consistency. He also will take away into the technical differentiators between ancient relative databases, NoSQL and NewSQL databases and what applications they’re best-suited for.

Into The Void – From MySQL to NoSQL to “Nothing”

Wooga creates casual social games, and that we approach every new game as a greenfield development project. this provides USA the prospect to experiment with totally different approaches and to do out promising new technologies.

 “I can share what worked well, what didn‘t, what lessons we’ve got learned on the approach – and that alternative directions we’d prefer to explore within the future.”

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