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Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2018


10 Waterlife:  Waterlife  is a documentary film website  of having a great and wonderful video preview and made this website in a rich and cinematography way that present as a story telling. This website recalls the gentle motion of a lake.

water life

 9 Monoface:  Monoface website was developed by Mono a advertising agency with a motto of “Simpler is better”. It is simple flash application which sculpt a Mr.Potato Head style face containing 759,37 entertaining possibilities.


8 Moodstream : Moodstream is a hypnotic and folks website that uses the tool called brains timing to design the website. It takes the tweaking mood sliders to adjust images streams and audio and video streams.


7 We Choose The Moon: We Choose the Moon website was available on which was developed on the occasion of fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar. This website uses flash, mesh archival audio and videos and photos to look feel that walked on the moon that day.

the moon

6 Old Spice Music Muscle: Old Spice Music Muscle is a funky music flash website created by Old Spice and Terry Crews.  This site was developed by remixing the audio and videos and makes the website in a creative way.

Old Spice Music Muscle

5 Disney New Fantasyland: Disney New Fantasyland is one of the attracting flash website which represents the view to the visitors. It gives a real experience to the visitors of mermaids sing beasts roar and elephants fly.

Disney New Fantasyland

4 The Museum of Me:  Museum of Me is a popular website which was used to create the visual snapshots of life which was gathering the images from facebook account of users. It was created by Fluid Inc.

museu mofme

3 Bear 71: Bear 71 is a National film board of Canada Documentary by Leanne Allison. It is interactive documentary managing by wildlife conservation officers. Bear 71 was made by using Flash to understand the clash between human and animal and used the technology to understand worldwide.

bear 71

2 Clouds over Cuba: Clouds Over Cuba is a interactive and multimedia documentary by Martin Agency on the Cuban missile crisis. It was created by a unique medium of combining of text, video, audio and animation.

clouds over cuba

1 Pharrell Wiliams Happy:  Pharrell Wiliams Happy is a world first 24 hours music video by Pharrell Wiliams. He debuts 24 hours interactive music video for “Happy” and this video was available for streaming on

24 hours of happy