Top 10 Most Popular Blogs


10 Huffington Post: Huffington Post Blog is an American Online news aggregation blog founded in May 2005 by Arianna Huffington. It is one of the largest online news paper blog of covering the content related to news, entertainment and technology.

huffingtonpost, huffington post, American Online news, entertainment and technology

9 TMZ: TMZ is one of the famous entertainments, news and gossip related website created by Harvey Levin and launched on November 8, 2005. It is also a celebrity news website and the name TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone.

tmz, entertainments,Thirty Mile Zone

8 Business Insider: Business Insider is an American business and technology news blog which covers the all news related to politics, celebrity news, business news and technology news. This main goal is to spread the business news throughout the world.

businessinsider, business insider, technology, politics, celebrity news, business news

7 Mashable : Mashable is one of the leading digital media website which was provided by SimilarWeb. This website was launched in 2005 by Pete Cashmore. This website gets overall 43 million visitors per month.

mashable, digital media, SimilarWeb

6 GIZMODO: GIZMODO is a popular technology related blog maintained by third party web analytics of provider SililarWeb. This Blog is a part of Gawker Media Network and Nick Denton .This was launched on 2002 by Peter Rojas.

gizmodo, Media Network, Nick Denton, popular technology

5 LifeHacker: lifeHacker is a hacking related blog which was available on domain. This is a Jaanese website tells about hacking and technology wise posts of Microsoft Windows, Linux and other operating system products and their services.

lifehacker, hacking and technology, Microsoft Windows, Linux

4 The Daily Beast: The Daily Beast is an American news reporting website that the main theme of this website was focusing on politics. This famous blog was launched on 6 October 2008 by Tina Brown.

the daily beast, American news

3 Perez Hilton: Perez Hilton website covers the commercial entertaining topics, gossips, music and actors related topics. This website totally posting the gossips of the famous personalities of both cinema and television

perezhilton, Perez Hilton,entertaining topics, gossips, music,

2 Engadget : Engadget  is a multi language technology blog that covers the gadgets and the electronic products. It operates nearly ten blogs in different languages of six international versions. It was launched on March 2004 by AOL.

engadget, technology blog, electronic products

1 Tech Crunch: Tech Crunch is a online technology related industry news website which totally covers the business topics and their estimated firms. This blog was founded by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare in 2005.

techcrunch, tech crunch, online technology