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Can I use Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing Together?


Can I use Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing Together

Can i take advantage of Google AdSense and affiliate advertising collectively? Will it’s a violation of AdSense policies?

This is probably the most fashioned query by way of amateur bloggers who simply started monetizing their internet site with Affiliate advertisements and have AdSense walking on their web publication. AdSense is a contextual advert network and they do not permit strolling some other ad community which mimic commercials like AdSense.

The answer is yes that you would be able to situation Affiliate ads along with AdSense advertisements on the same page, and this doesn’t violate AdSense policies. Here’s a screenshot from authentic AdSense support web page, which naturally says: “We do enable affiliate or constrained-text links.”

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Before you adding plenty of affiliate banner ads and hyperlink advertisements on your weblog, listed here are few important matters which you must recognize.

If the number of commercials or affiliate banner/hyperlinks is more than the original content, this may increasingly put your AdSense account in danger. So limit the number of commercials for your blog, and focus on including value and high-quality of your website. I suggest you to preserve a top-quality restrict of ads for your blog, and position it in a way which doesn’t bog down the person experience on your internet site.

Your affiliate advertisements will have to now not hyperlink to content which isn’t allowed in AdSense policies. Ex: adult content. AdSense treats different ads (advertisements from other advert community or affiliate advertisements) on a web page as part of the content, and it should comply with their content material directions.

While utilising Affiliate links on your weblog, make sure they’re nofollow. This has nothing to do with AdSense, but utilizing Nofollow tag is an efficient apply from seo point of view. You should use this guide to be trained how you can add nofollow tag or better use Gocodes WordPress plugin.

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