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Core Java Interview Questions

1 . What is JDK ? Ans. Java Development Kit( JDK ) is java Software that contains some predefined java component through which java program are compiled. 2. What is JRE ? Ans. Java Runtime Environment( JRE) is a part of JDK . JDK and JRE is platform dependent.JRE contains JVM and Java library through […]

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Top Reasons Why Consider Web Design Jobs

Web Design is the professional career option that many of them are interested to choose as their career. In previous days there very less opportunities for web design, but now a days it is not like that, there are many opportunities available for web designing jobs. By selecting this web design as a career one […]

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Best Tips for Parents Educate Kids at Home

Help your child to enjoy learning Inspire your children to be trained from their mistakes and to maintain trying despite the fact that they find whatever complex. Reward your child for his or her effort and development. Be optimistic about university and respectful of academics. Show interest in what happens at school and speak about […]

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Reservation System in India

Top Pros and Cons of Reservation System in India

India, as a country, has been divided on the basis of caste, creed and religion since times immemorial. One of the implications of the caste system prevalent in the country is the reservation system, which involves reserving a certain proportion of seats for education or jobs in government institution, for people belonging to backward communities […]

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