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Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali Has Broken 5 Baahubali Records Ahead Of Its Release!!

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The Kabali fever is on! Only 2 days more to go: As we all know July 22 is the release day of Superstar Rajinikanth‘s future movie “Kabali”, people are going crazy about getting a ticket on the first day first shows all around the world. Opportunity is mounting as superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali movie is nearing its release date. The fan frenzy around Kabali is seen to be supposed! They are calling it the Kabali fever! And this time, the world has caught it. It’s being screen across US, UK, Gulf countries, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and a few other cities!

Another thing we all know is Rajinikanth’s Kabali has been breaking all kinds of records for some time now. But did you know it’s also breaking Baahubali records? Yes, that’s correct! Here are the 5 Baahubali records; Kabali has already broken ahead of its release!

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