5 Best Places to Christmas Celebrate in India


Christmas is one of the famous festival that one should celebrate with a great joy and happiness. This is the only festival that celebrate world wide of welcoming New Year. Many of the people choose the best places world wide on this festival occasion to celebrate Christmas festival 2015. There are several places in globe to enjoy this happiest moments. Now coming to main point that not only in world there are many interesting destinations are there to celebrate Christmas festival. We have to discuss about the famous top places in India to celebrate Christmas.

Goa:  Goa is the best and ever green location to enjoy with parties and to spend holidays. And it is the top location in India to celebrate Christmas festival with family members and with friends. Goa is a destination for enjoy and celebrations and during the time of festival season the whole city was  decorated with  lights and flowers and one should celebrate  by serving Christmas launches and by making parties on Goa beaches.


Kerala:  As every knows that Kerala is the home for many popular churches and here we can found number of churches  that we can’t find those in all over India. It is also the place of huge number of Christian population. On the special occasion of Christmas festival each and every house in the city was decorated with Christmas stars and the entire night all the churches were opened and by making prayers. There are many beautiful beaches in Kerala to celebrate this famous festival by adding joy and happiness.


Bangalore: During the time of Christmas occasion the entire Bangalore city all shopping Malls, hotels and restaurants were full busy with people.  To make the festival celebrate with fun all the city shopping malls offering discounts to the people and at the same time they organize the events to fascinate the people .Bangalore is the right and the perfect destination for the young people to celebrate this festival with night parties.


Kolkata: There is no other location in India other than Kolkata to celebrate Christmas festival and during this festival season the entire market was crowed with people on purchasing the things to enjoy the fabulous festivals. At the time of traditional festival every one should spend their time by sing carols and hymns on the entire evening and the all churches in the city was decorated with shimmering lights and Christmas stars.


Puducher:  If you want to spend the Christmas festival  with peaceful and joy we have to choose the puduchery which is one of the largest location for celebrating Christmas after Goa. It is also the home for Roman Catholics and the good Christian population and the people in this are celebrate with a great zeal, pomp and lot of enthusiasm. There are some specific location in this Puduchery to share happiness with their family members.