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WhatsApp Ban??? Supreme Court To Hear Plea To Ban WhatsApp For Its End-To-End Encryption

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WhatsApp Users bad news. The Supreme Court will hear a petition seeking a ban on WhatsApp on coming Wednesday. This might result in banning the App in India. Yes, you heard it right! The Supreme Court will be examining a petition which seeks the ban on WhatsApp!

This Public Interest Litigation was filed by Haryana-based right-to-information (RTI) activist Sudhir Yadav. He claim that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption isn’t safe and it gives terrorists an easy way to communicate that is not possible to intercept.

“Even if WhatsApp was asked to break through an individual’s message to hand over the data to the government, it too would fail as it does not have the decryption keys either,” Yadav said in his petition.

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The petition even said that in order to decry pt any message on WhatsApp, a whopping 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,935 key combinations have to be used, which is almost impossible for even a super computer. Decryption a single 256-bit encrypted message would take hundreds of years.