20 Interesting Facts About Facebook You Probably Don’t Know

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Aside from its originator Mark Zuckerberg, what else do you know concerning Facebook? For your own extra information, here are 20 interesting facts concerning Facebook that you probably don’t know:

Use to 20 Interesting Facts About Facebook You Probably Don’t Know: 

  1. Facebook is amongst the causes of divorce cases.
  2. Breastfeeding photos are not allowed on Facebook.
  3. 25% of male users were dumped via Facebook.
  4. Average Facebook users have 130 friends.
  5. Facebook accommodates thousands of status updates every minute.
  6. Facebook is very populated like a country.
  7. Millions of “Likes” are given on Facebook every minute.
  8. Facebook’s older version displays the face of Al Pacino
  9. Facebook is one of the most visited places after having sex.
  10. Facebook pays $500 to those who can hack it.
  11. Facebook’s founder is color-blind.
  12. Facebook employs a man who successfully hacked it.
  13. Facebook addiction disorder is suffered by many.
  14. Photo-Sharing is supposed to be not allowed in Facebook.
  15. Facebook is the inspiration of the movie titled ‘The Social Network’.
  16. Facebook’s founder is one of the richest men in the world.
  17. Many Facebook users were bribed by Burger King.
  18. Facebook is averagely active 20 billion minutes every day.
  19. TheFacebook.Com was the original domain name of Facebook.
  20. Facebook is banned in 3 Asian countries.

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