Apple iPhone 7 Features


The Cupertino Company has known to be a game changer since its early days. From Macintosh to iPod, it has been hail as a company that does not stick to the rules and gives its users a get through in terms of software, hardware and user skill.  With Apple iPhone 7 too, Apple is expected to comprise some user-friendly and top-class features that will leave you to ask for more!


The new iPhone 7 could also use liquid metal for chassis that is better and durable than aluminum.


The Apple has grabbed the attention of consumers with its preplanned iPhone 7. Apple has by now started working on its iPhone 7 and plans to launch it in 2016.


The  14-megapixel front board camera and 4 megapixels front Camera are enough parameters to confirm this.

iPhone 7 Processor
Rumors are point towards a quad-core A9 processor or even a better one that will take multitasking on Apple iPhone 7 to a new level.


The iPhone 7 to set even a better standard that most of OEMs would find difficult to beat.  It could be 256GB or even unlimited

4G Connectivity:

iPhone 7 will let you enjoy unhindered Internet streaming with shore up for 4G connectivity formerly offered by AT&T and Sprint.

iPhone 7 Battery:

What is new here is the battery that will be environmental-friendly and will use the natural materials. This will replace the traditional Li-On battery and is predictable to get recharged faster.

iPhone 7 Release Date: 7TH SEPT 2016

iPhone 7 Price:

On an average, you may end up shelling anywhere stuck between $649 and $849 to own this piece of technological beauty. We are completely clueless whether this pricing includes a contract fee or not.

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