How To Install WeChat For Windows 8/8.1/7 PC/Laptop

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You can identify and Blue Stacks quick launch icon on the desktop after mop up with the installation. Foremost, open Blue Stacks and at the top right bend you will stumble on “search” bar, their search for “WeChat”. After that WeChat will appear, install it by just click it. See the images below, you will do it better.

Follow these steps and do exactly what I say to install WeChat for Laptop/PC.

Open Blue stack and go to search option



Type ‘Wechat’ and after that hit on “Search play for wechat”


Then click on the WeChat icon and you will be asked to install it. Some other apps will be revealed to you, just take no notice of them.

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Install WeChat for PC.


It will take some time to download that WeChat (size something like will be 22MB). After finished with downloading, just click on the home button and follow next few ladders to use WeChat on PC. Next thing is to synchronize your laptop and mobile devices. harmonize your Android mobile and PC by quickly doing next four steps. This is not mandatory, you can do this or skip these steps of synchronizing.


Open BlueStacks Cloud Connect (Available in Google Play Store) in your cell phone and it will ask you to enter pin.

Get this pin from Cloud Connect in Blue Stacks.

Route for Cloud Connect is Open Blue Stacks >> Click on time >> Again click on time >> Settings >>Cloud Connect.


Give details of Cell number and e-mail and you will get pin to your e-mail. Note down the pin number.

Go back to your mobile and go into this pin in Blue Stacks Cloud Connect. Then press on potion “Sync”.

Approximately over! Now both your PC and cell phone are coordinated. This allows data alteration between both of them. You should know how to use WeChat on your laptop and PC.

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