How to install Whatsapp in PC’S and Labtops


“Whatsapp” everyone known this name who have smart phones on their  hands. Whatsapp  is one of the important messenger  application that billions of users  using daily on their smart phones. Almost each and every phone contains this messenger application on android mobiles. There are many uses of whatsapp messenger in a daily life to every individual. Through this mobile app one can share their images, videos and unlimited messages to world wide.

Whatsapp is a major android application used not only in mobiles but also used in personal computers and Laptops. Installing whatsapp messenger for android phones is very easy and like that for PC’S and Laptops installing whatsapp application is also the easy process. Once we know the installing process in Labtops and next it is very easy process for installing whatsapp messenger for ipad and whatsapp messenger for iphone

So one should look careful and observe the installing process completely and do yourself on following the same procedure on your personal computers and share the files, images and videos from your computers instead of your mobiles. Installing whatsapp messenger in computers helps the users if their mobiles are in problem or any issues occurring on their smart phones.  We will provide the complete instructions step by step of how to install whatsapp messenger in PC’S and Labtops and also using this messenger application made easy on computers by simple Whatsapp tips and tricks.

Step 1:

The initial step which you follow to install whatsapp messenger in computer are you need to download and install the Android Emulator which is also called as BlueStack App Player. At online we can found two types of versions of this App Player and on this one is Thin BlueStack App Player and the another one is Normal BlueStack App Player.   Among these two versions users can face difficulty on which version we need to install. The better choice is one should download and install the Thin BlueStack App Player.

Step 2:   To install the Thin BlueStack App Player in your computer  it will need 2 GB space and if your computer not fulfill this requirement “ Not enough space “ error displayed on your screen.So  before installation you should check properly  whether your system contains 2 GB free space or not.

Step 3:   Once Thin BlueStack App Player installation completes in your computer the below screen appears and on that you need to select the “ Messanging “ Icon and on that you select the “Whatsapp” option.

Step 4 :

Next click the Whatsapp Icon and then whatsapp messengedownloading process starts on your computer.Wait until the downloading process complets.


Step 5 :

Once downloading completes you need to install the downloading application in your computer. So you need to click the Whatsapp icon to install and to configure the application.


Step 6: When you click the Whatsapp Icon a screen displayed on computer with a text like “ Agree and Continue” and then Click the Agree and Continue.



Step 7 : Once you enter your mobile number, a verification code will receive your mobile and then enter that verification code to continue the process.

Like this you can follow the below 7 steps to install the whatsapp messenger in your PC’S or Laptops.