How to Recover Deleted Messages on Whatsapp Application


Hello friends Today I want to tell you about an important topic of which most of the people don’t know.  That is how to recover deleted messages on whatsapp application. Everyone knows whatsapp and it is one of the world largest and popular message communication application using million of users on their smart mobile phones. At present whatsapp was using not only on their mobile but also using whatsapp on Pc’s and Labtops. And I want to say one more that is nearly 99% of whatsapp users don’t know the fact that  how to use two whatsapp accounts on a single mobile. Yes it really true that on one single smart mobile one can maintain two whatsapp accounts.

By using whatsapp messenger daily one can send unlimited messages to friends and this application there is no limit to share messages and files and also share multiple images at a time to groups. There are many whatsapp tips and tricks which can explain how to use the whatsapp differently more than the normal way of sending and receiving the messages. Now I would like to explain the process of how to recover the deleted messages on whatsapp.

In some situations unfortunately by mistake one can delete their messages or chatting conversations and then what will you do, you want that messages or conversations. Is it possible to recover the deleted whatsapp messages? In my word yes it is possible we can recover the deleted whatsapp messages. Now I will explain the process, so clearly observe the step by step process of how to  recover the deleted messages on whatsapp application.

Recoveing the whatsapp Deleted Messages

  1. To recover the deleted whatsapp messages on your mobile first of all uninstall the whatsapp application form your mobile and then again re install the whatsapp messanger. This reinstall process can be done by using the previous whatapp number only otherwise recovering the messages would not possible.

2. On reinstalling process at some period of time  a message like “ Message backup found” displayed on your phone and also ask “would you like to restore the  messages from backup”. You should select the option Restore.

3. In some situations due the reason of by failing  or crashing the SD Card  Chat history the deleted messaged should not recovered through this method.

4. Recent messages or conversations should not be recover by using this process. Through manually we can recover the recent chat conversation or messages.

5. To recover the latest conversation first open whatapp on your smart phone.

6. Then click on Menu and select the Settings Option.


7.Then observe the ChatSetting option on Settings click on ChatSetting.


8. Click on Backup Conversation option and then automatically the recover process processed.


9.In File Manager the backup data was stored in  Whatsapp Folder.

10. Then Go to the File Manager and open the Whatsapp Folder and in that Database.

11. “msgsore-2015-02-26.1.db.crypt8” or “msgstore-2015-02-26.1.db.crypt7” we can find some files like above in Database.


12. The last one named “msgstore.db.crypt8” or “msgstore.db.crypt7”. Please do change the name of the file to “msgstore.db.crypt8.current”.

13.Then uninstall the whatsapp and rename the file of which you want to restore the data to msgstore-2015-02-26.1.d.b.crypt8.

14. Now install whatsapp and select the Restore option if it asked to restore the data.

15 the same process will be repeated for the other files of which you want to restore.