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Top 10 Androids Best Communications Apps


Top 10 Androids Best Communications Apps:

1 What’s App Messenger: What’s App is a small App which creates a sensation I Smartphones. The main purpose of the App was to send messages as well as to share the images and videos. This is an Android Smartphone App which mainly provides a communication between the persons. Nowadays everyone using smartphones and on that installing What’s App was occupying a mandatory option. Google Play rating of What’s App Messenger is 4.6 stars out of 5 which is above average.

Whatsapp messenger, Whatsapps

2 Skype: Skype is an online video messenger App using this we can make voice calls as well as video chatting. This one of the important App and playing a key role on discussing with clients and for a business conference on other countries. This is a free App and through this, we can call to a particular person and also possible to do the video chatting. This can be installed in Desktop and also in Mobiles.

Skype messenger, Skype

3 Facebook Messenger: Facebook ruling the social industry and know it released a new version of Messenger called a Facebook messenger. The main purpose of this App was to chat with friends and send messages to the people through online. If you install this App in smartphones it must be easy to the user of not login every time. Google Play rating of Facebook Messenger is 4.4 stars out of 5.  Through this, we can chat and send the message to multiple groups at a time.

FaceBook messenger, FaceBook

4 Viber: Viber is another important App that occupied a major role in smartphone Android Apps. Through this one can exchange text, images videos and make free calls . Now it was using more than 2 million people worldwide. It was developed by Viber media which support for Windows, Mac, Andriod, Bada and Symbian OS.

Viber messages, Viber

5 True Caller: True caller a free mobile calling App which was used more than 18 million people worldwide. The main advantage of this App was it shows the particular information related to the caller means it tell about the caller will be he or she and also specify the exact location of the caller. Google play rating for this App was a 4.5-star app out of 5. Through this TrueCaller we find the details of the person like name, location, and mobile number.

TrueCaller, True

6 Hike: Hike is one of the best and top communication App which was using this App through worldwide. This is the latest Android App that listed in the top 1o Android App on smartphones. The Google Play rating of Hike is 4.3 star out of 5 and through this one can send messages to friends and also make free calls through worldwide. According to the Tech magazine “Techcrunch” Hike App is one of the fastest growing mobile apps.

Hike, Hike apps

7 Tango text: Tango Text is the most popular Android App which was used for Video calling over wireless and Wi-Fi Networks. Tango Text, Voice and Video App claims to have 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 installs on the android devices. Apart from Video Calling, you can also send text messages and Voicemail to anyone who is using this App and it can also be used on Pc’s and Laptops.

Tango, Tango apps

8 eBuddy Messenger: ebuddy messenger is a famous Android Smartphone mobile app and by install this App on your mobile we can chat on multiple MSN, Facebook, Yahoo,AIM, Gtalk, Myspace accounts. The Google Play rating of eBuddy Messenger is 4.2 stars out of 5. Due to other Competitor Apps in the market, the eBuddy rank is decreased from when it is first Launched yet it is able to rank in the Top 10 list.

eBuddy Messenger, eBuddy, eBuddy Apps

9 Line: Is Line installed in your Smartphone, if not installed then installed it immediately in your mobile because of it providing excellent features to the users. Using this you can share the photos, videos and also make free calls to your friends and the voice on call was very clear and so, for this reason, it got the highest popularity on Android Apps.

Line Messenger, Line, Line apps

10 Nimbuzz Messenger: Nimbuzz Messenger is the top Smartphone Android App which was specially designed for sending messages and to chat with friends on various social media like Facebook, Gtalk, and yahoo messenger. Through this, we can share the images videos and files and by using this we can connect to twitter followers.

Numbuzz Messenger,Numbuzz, Numbuzz apps