Uses of Whatsapp Messenger


Whatsapp is the largest message sharing application that creating a sensation in the recent days. Before two years back no one know the name “ Whatsapp”, but today from small age children to old age persons everyone familiar this name. As we know that how whatsapp providing their services to the people through mobile and as wells as personal computers and laptops. Previously whatsapp messenger was installed only in smart mobile phone but now this application was available on computers also. On using whatsapp messenger is computer what we do is just like installing Whatsapp application in mobiles the same procedure will repeated on computers with minor changes.

In my previous article a had explain  how to install whatsapp messenger in PC’S and Labtops, if you want to know the installing procedure refer that  one  it gives the step by step process. Every individual has a smart phone and on that smart phone whatsapp messenger was definitely installed and we cant find a smart mobile without a whatsapp messenger. Using this whatsapp application users can send their messages to friends, share images and files through groups and there are number of uses  by installing whatsapp in your phone.

Uses of Whatsapp messenger Application

Sending Text Messeges: Bu using Whatsapp messenger we can send text messages to various contacts, but to whom you send a messenger that person must also contains the whatsapp messenger. It means both sender and receiver have a messenger. Through this one can send unlimited text messages.

Sharing Unlimited Photos : Along with the text messages  using this application we can share unlimited images to various contacts. This is one of the important advantage in this and there are many other messengers but this feature was not available. Using whatsapp we can send nearly 10 images at a time to a particular number.

Sending high quality Videos:  This is one of the greatest feature in whatsapp messenger that people can share any type of videos even a large size in a short period of time. Those videos contains high quality and high resolution. Just like images sharing multiple videos shared at a time to a particular contact number.

Creating Groups: We can create groups in whatsapp and through this groups we can share messages, photos and videos to the people who are in groups. Just we add the persons to a particular group and then the message which you will send must received by  all the people who are in group.

Chatting with Friends: Just like Facebook messenger and google hangout  this whatsapp messenger also provides the chatting option. It provides the immediate response to the users with in a seconds of time. It provides a great benefit to the user with the chatting option.

Free Calling Service: There is no other messenger like whatsapp which providing the free calling facility. If you have an internet in your mobile and installing whatsapp application then you can make a free call to your friends and spent unlimited time on a call.