Windows 10 phones vs Windows Phone 8.1 what Difference


Windows Phone is not long for this world. However do not be concerned, Microsoft has not killed Windows Phone adore it all-but killed the Nokia phone complete last year.

Instead, Windows phones, tablets, laptops and desktops square measure all aiming to use a similar system, Windows 10. Or to be additional precise, they will use a similar family of computer code. Microsoft is not silly enough to do to cram what we all use on a 27-inch computer monitor onto a 5-inch phone screen.

Windows ten can take over from Windows Phone eight.1, bypassing poor previous Windows nine.0 altogether. The primary build are discharged to pick dives as early as February, proving that it’s already a operating system, not simply a demo.

The key question now: what is new? And will it have abundant probability up against mechanical man five.0 Lollipop and iOS 8.1?

Consistent approach across phone, pill and desktop

The main aim of Windows ten for phones looks to be to catch up with one thing Google and Apple are performing on for a jiffy now: to possess an even expertise between your phone and your portable computer or pill. Having the ability to examine emails on 2 devices at a similar time may be a given, however Windows ten tries plenty more durable to merge platforms.

Action Center, the notifications drop-down and Windows’ “brain” introduced in Windows eight.1, can currently synchronies in with an analogous hub within the desktop version of Windows ten. It’s wherever you discover all of your new emails, invites, and messages so on.

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